Looking Ahead To 2019

January will mark the six month point for Dear Green Planet. Suffice to say the past six months have been most interesting. I like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for supporting the shop. In particular I’d like to thank the Space for their enduring support and for giving me the opportunity to get this project off the ground.

Zero Waste

One key aim for 2009 will be to focus more on zero waste. This will involve the phasing out of some product lines due to their dependency on plastic resource streams. The current Faith in Nature products lines will be phased out over the year. Shampoo/shower gels for example, will be substituted with shampoo bars.

Funding initiatives will be investigated that could assist Dear Green Planet in pursuing a comprehensive zero waste strategy. This is could involve educational initiatives that engage other people with the strategy and helping to provide advice on related issues such as food waste and approaching households enabling them to become more cost effective at managing their affairs.

Expanding The Shop

At the moment, the shop occupies a fairly limited space within the premises. The plan is to expand the existing shop and move the community shop to another location within The Space. DGP will continue to run the community shop on behalf of the Space. In order to accommodate the expansion, additional volunteers will be brought in to assist with the running of the project.

It is anticipated that once DGP reaches a certain level of turnover, the business will become an employer. There may be funding initiatives available that will allow DGP to engage in projects that compliment the business. As such, this might allow DGP to take on staff.


Social media has become a vital tool for business and organisations. However there has been increasing concern over the dominance of big internet corporations such as Google and Facebook and the apparent monopolisation of online resources related to these companies.

With the subsequent exposure of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s reputation and profile has taken a nosedive. But this scandal only served to add to revelations that were already in the public domain concerning Facebook’s treatment of private data and the corporation’s general disregard towards Facebook users.

As thing’s stand, there is unlikely to be any change, despite public assurances from Facebook. As a result, users have been moving away from Facebook in large numbers.

As an ethical company, Dear Green Planet cannot endorse remaining with Facebook. As such, there will be a transition away from the platform during 2019.

Three months ago, DGP joined MeWe – touted as an alternative to Facebook. The platform has a lot going for it. Tim Berners-Lee, sometimes known as the ‘Father of the internet‘ became a key advocate for the platform during its inception, as part of an ongoing policy due to his increasing disillusionment of the way the internet has evolved since its creation.

Happy New Year

Join us as we continue our journey into the new year. DGP will continue to offer top quality products that has sustainability at the heart of its ethos. We will not sell any products linked to animal cruelty or human rights abuses, or links to any other dubious activities.

As always we will be fully transparent and open and we encourage all our customers to engage with us. In so doing, Dear Green Planet will strive to lead by example.

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